Divine Dews from Baba


Divine Dews from Baba


My eye (of vigilant supervision) is ever on those who love me


Whatever you do, wherever you may be, ever bear this in mind that I am always aware of everything you do.


If one ever meditates on me, repeats my name, signs my deeds, and is thus transformed into me, one’s Karma is destroyed. I stay by his side always.


You should have truth always with you. Then I shall be always with you, wherever you are, and at all times.


I will be with you, whenever and wherever you think of me. Do not fear.


If one perpetually thinks of me, and makes me his sole refuge, I am his debtor and will give my head to save him.


If, one ever dwells on me in his mind and will not even taste food before offering it to me, I am his slave. so also if he hungers and thirsts after me, and treats all else as unimportant.


I am (Bhaktaparadeena) the bond slave of my devotees, I love devotion.


He who withdraws his heart from wife, child and parents and loves me is My real lover and he merges in Me like a river in the sea.


Sai Baba: The key of my treasury is now placed in your hands. Ask for anything you want, Rs. 5 to 100 a month or what you will and I will give it to you.


Devotee (M B Rage) declines to ask.


Sai Baba: Ask something, I am anxious to give you.


Devotee: Is it agreed that you will grant anything I ask for?


Sai Baba: Yes


Devotee: Then, Baba, I want this. In this and in any future birth that may befall me, you should never part from me. You should always be with me.


Sai Baba: Yes, I shall be with you, inside and outside you, whatever you may be or do.


My devotee feels Me in you, in himself and in all creatures and sees all as his Guru. He will become myself.


If you make me the sole object of your thoughts and aims, you will gain Paramartha. (supreme Goal)


Look to me; I will look to you.


Trust the Guru fully. That is the only sadhana. Guru is all the Gods.


If one devotes his entire mind to me and rests in me, he need fear nothing for body and soul. If one sees me and me alone and listens to talk about me and is devoted to me alone, he will reach God (Chaitanya). He who worships me as Nitya, Suddha and Buddha comes to me.


Those who perpetually repeat repeat my name reach their goal.


Simply say “Sai” “Sai” with heart overflowing. I care not for show of respect and forms, I rest in such devotees.


Repeat my name. seek refuge in me. But to know ‘who I am” have Sravana and Manana.


I am formless and everywhere.


If anyone casts his burden on me and thinks of me, I look after all his concerns.


Yes; you can place your burdens on me.


In the abode of my devotees, there will be no dearth fo food and clothing.


You devotees are my children. I am your father. You have to get everything from me. So you should not talk like that (and say Sai is not God).


Why are you anxious? I take all care of you.


Sit quiet, Uge Muge. I will do the needful. I will take you to the end.


Go Everything will be provided.


Why do you fear ? Am I not here


Stay here, treat it as your house


Why should any fear, When I am here?


When this baby sleeps we have to stand by, keep awake and watch or take trouble.


I will not allow my devotees to come to harm. I have to take thought for my devotees. And if a devotee is about to fall, I stretch out my hands, and thus with four, four (i.e. a number of ), outstretched hands at time to support him, I will not let him fall.


See I have to suffer for your sake, to remove your sufferings.


Nana is about to die. But will I let him die ?


Fakir (God) wishes to kill Dada Saheb (i.e., G.S.Khaparde) but I will not permit him.


Anna ! if I had delayed a minute, this man (S.B.Nachen) would have indeed perished. The madman had seized him with his hands, even his throat. But I extricated him. What is to be done? If I do not save my own son, who else will.


He is mine, and mine alone.


I alone have to shoulder the responsibility for carrying him across. Whom has he got except me?


You are now safe, Go.


Night and day, I think and think of my people, I con their names over and over again.


The whole of last night, I had no sleep. I lay thinking and thinking of you.


At every step, I have to take care of you, Else, what will happen to you, god knows.


I shall never forget him, I shall remember him even if he is 2000 miles away. I will eat nothing without him..


I get angry with none. Will a mother get angry with her kids? Will the ocean send back the waters to the several rivers? I love devotion; I am the slave of my devotees, Bhakta Paradhina.


How can I allow my children to fast or starve?


Come, Sirs, carry away bags of udhi, Come, cart away the treasures of your mother.


Look here, People come and say Baba, give. I tell them to take. No one takes.


My master told me to give boundlessly to all that ask. No one listens to me or wisdom. My treasury is open. None brings carts to take from it. I say dig; none will take any pains. I said dig out the treasure and cart it away. Be the real and true sons of the mother and fully stock your magazine. What is to become of us i.e. this body life? Earth will return to the earth; and the air (breath) will return to the air. This opportunity will not return.


Place your entire faith in my words. Your object will be accomplished


Baba’s Charters and Saying, 9-46