Guruvalam – Guru Pradakshina on Fullmoon Evening – 03 December 2017

Shirdi Sai Gurusthan Mandir Program for this Full Moon Day   – 03 December 2017.

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

Whatever may be the description in astrological, astronomical or spiritual literatures – the Full Moon Day is very auspicious  for Guru Pradakshina Prayers, various ‘Vrats’ and performing various rituals. So that we absorb new positive vibrations during our participation in special prayers at temples on this day.  It is ancient belief that great Rishis, Saints, Sidhars and our ancestors are descending to earth plane near us and our rituals, poojas and prayers make Them happy and Their blessings will give us immence benefits on our lives.

Actually Guru Pradakshina is a sort of penance to request our Guru’s grace to get rid of bad karmas that one may be facing in life. The guiding principle behind this is that, if Sadguru’s worship is performed with sincere devotion and total surrender on Full Moon day it helps in reducing the impact of bad karmas and not by the amount of offerings to the God.

While making Pradakshina, the mind will get pure, the devotee absorbs the positive energy and gets the divine aura that surrounds the Deity.

Guru Pradakshina is performed as a mark of respect, obeisance and total surrender to Sai Baba. It should be performed slowly and not in a hurry with our thoughts and actions dwelled on Baba with folded hands. According to its merits Guru Pradakshina will tone down the sins; cause destruction of Karma; bestows upon what is desired; leading to the path of salvation.

In order to reap Divine benefits, our Mandir is regularly organizing ‘Guru Pradakshina Procession around Baba’s Gurusthan under Neem Tree’ on all Full Moon days. Forthcoming Guru Pradakshina is scheduled on 03rd December 2017.

6:20 p.m.          Reciting 108 Mantra Ashtothra Sada Namavali with akshada.

6:30 p.m.         Bringing Poorna Kumbam from Moolasthan to Gurusthan. All devotees will carry Mantra Akshada from Main mandir to Gurusthan and submitting to Gurusthan Baba Moorthi.

6:40 p.m.         Guruvalam Poojas and commencement of Circumambulatory Procession by chanting ‘Om Sai Namo Nama, Shri Sai Namo Nama, Jaya Jaya Sai Namo Nama, Satguru Sai Namo Nama’

There should be minimum 9 rounds of procession to be done; there is no higher limit.

It is recommended to have 108 times chanting (use 108 beads Rudhraksha Rosary) while continuing procession around Gurusthan.

May Baba bless you all for peace and prosperity, health and happiness.

Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai


Ever yours,

At the Feet of the Master

Sai Sivanandam

Shri Shirdi Sai Likhita Nama Koti Japa Prarthna (English)

Our Mandir is celebrating Shri Sai Baba Maha Samadhi Centenery Year from Vijayadhasami 2017 to next Vijayadhasami 2018.
Our ancient scripture Vaishnava Tantra says, “Writing the mantra with full concentration is one hundred times more beneficial and powerful than Japa chanting.”,  We asked our devotees to join our One Crore Shri Sai Maha Mantra writing (Likhita Nama Koti Japa) prayers during the centenery year.
Our Mandir will collect all japa mantras written by them during the year, for those who are near the Mandir, may submit their note books to the Mandir office, otherwise please forward to Mandir by post/courier until Vijayadhasami 2018.

Please attach a cover sheet as per details given below on your japa mantra note book.
Please read frequently asked questions for details or write to
With Baba’s Blessings,
Ever yours,
At the Feet of the Master,
N Sivanandam
  1. What is Likhita Japa?
    1. Likhita japa is mantra writing.
  2. How should it be practiced?
    1. Repetition of the mantra with meaning and bhava should be practiced both orally and in writing. For oral japa, the help of a mala or rosary is required. For likhit japa a notebook and a pen should be used. The mantra may be written in any language. Write your mantra daily in a notebook for an hour or more. When you write the mantra, observe mouna or silence. Write the mantra clearly in ink. On Sundays and holidays write for one hour or more. Likhit japa develops the power of concentration and other incalculable benefits. Repeat the mantra mentally while writing it in the notebook.
    2. To help concentration, one uniform system of writing from top to bottom or from left to right should be maintained during a particular sitting. The whole mantra should be written at once in continuity. Do not break the mantra in the middle when you come to the end of the line. 
    3. By constant practice the inherent power of the mantra will be awakened, which will fill your very existence with the divinity of the mantra. Besides bringing about purity of heart and concentration of mind, likhit japa gives you control of your asana or sitting position, control of the senses, particularly sight and tongue, and fills you with the power of endurance.
  3. Which Japa to be practised?
    1. Shri Sai Baba prescribed ‘Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai’ to be practiced. All are requested to write this Maha Mantra.
  4. Who can participate?
    1. Both Adults and Children. Shri Shirdi Sai Likhita Japa is open to ALL
  5. Can one use their own notebook or does it have to be the Shirdi Sai Gurusthan Mandir supplied notebook?
    1. You may use a standard notebook and any number of pages
  6. When and where to send these completed notebooks or pages?
    1. Notebooks or pages can be mailed or brought to the Mandir, or mail/courier to Mandir address given in ‘Contact’ page.
  7. How many note books one can write?
    1. As many as you can dedicate the time to complete.  Individual pages of standard size is also accepted.
  8. What is the date of completion should be completed by?
    1. All notebooks or pages should reach the Mandir before Vijayadhasami day 2018.


Shri Sai Prasadhalaya Inauguration

Dear all, Shri Sai Prasadhalaya, a modern kitchen to prepare annadhanam and nivedyam is functional from (30/09/2017) Vijayadhasami day after due rituals. All are welcome to take part in our mandir’s annadhanam program. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.