With the Divine Grace of Shirdi Sai Baba, He blessed us as His tool to construct this Gurusthan Mandir.
It is Sai Baba who identified a place for His mandir and sent the seller to our team with the intention of selling the land adjacent to existing kalyana mandapam. As this kalyana mandapam is functioning at this location for the past 15 years and the mandir location is very prominent place of landmark and known to everyone in the city.
Land purchase agreement was executed on 27th August 2015.  
Land purchased and registered on 19th October 2015.
Trust Deed prepared and registered on 17th December 2015.
Received PAN registration from Income Tax Department on 29th January 2016.
Applied Form-10A to prove trust’s legitimacy and genuineness of running public trust and Income tax department approved our request and Trust Registration u/s 12AA of Income tax act 1961 completed on 18/07/2016.
Land cleaned and Bhoomi Pooja was performed on 26th January 2016.
Another Pooja was performed on 10th March, 2016 to initiate the construction work of the Sai Baba mandir. Although, Sai Baba’s divine presence was felt in many ways during the Pooja, it was a miracle to have Sai Baba’s appearance in the Jyothi while waving Aarati. Those precious moments were captured in two photographs, in one snap “Sai Baba standing similar to the original rare picture” and the other with “Sai Baba’s face similar to the original rare picture of Sai Baba reading a book”. This was truly a calling from Sai Baba and we were fortunate to have Sai Baba’s approval right in the beginning of this divine journey.
Official launching of Shirdi Sai Gurusthan Mandir website was done on 15th April 2016, an auspicious day and the day very closely associated with life of Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi – Shri Ramnavami Day.
Panchaloga Vigraha moulded as per our trustees approved model and first abhisheka Pooja was performed at Mandir premises on Baba’s 98th Maha Samadhi Punya Thithi Day, 11th October 2016.
Temple main entrance door frame installation puja was performed on Vijaya Dasami Dusshara day between 10:45 hrs and 11:45 hrs. Pictures snapshots are uploaded in ‘Pictorial Gallery’ page.
Baba marble Moorti statue sculpting work commencement pooja was performed on 11th October 2016, an auspicious beginning of making Baba’s statue with high quality imported white marble stone. Baba Moorti arrived to mandir on 2nd February 2017 and kept on stage. Baba Moorti pratishta pooja conducted on 3rd February 2017 and Baba Moorti was kept on Dhanya Divasham until Maha Kumbhabhishekam day.
Shri Sai Baba Moorti mandir prana pratishta rituals started on 6th March 2017 and continued until 9th March 2017. Maha Kumbhabhishekam performed at 10:35 hrs.